2016: A Year of Consuming?

I may be feeling a little ambitious right now, hence the question mark, but this year I want to try and keep myself interested and involved with the things that well, I’m interested in. Last year was a wobbly here because of various things, but it’s a new year so why not try to do new things. Well, old things in new ways.


I’m not going to focus on watching more, but watching more variety. Generally 90% of my viewing is guided by what’s acclaimed and considered ‘good’ and a lot of fairly obscure stuff, and the other 10% is stuff I actually want to see. I have about the same hit rate with both kinds, I don’t really ever know what I’m going to like. So, I’m trying to do an in-between thing here. Firstly, I made a ‘theme’ randomiser which will choose either a decade/country/year/genre/or something else (or two if I decide) and I want to try and do that every week and focus on that theme. I’m not going to put myself a limit on how many I must watch, except that I must watch one. I’ve already begun this week’s theme, which I will post a write-up about at the end of the week.

Secondly, I want to continue on my rewatch quest. I rewatched about 70 films last year, which is my highest in a long time. I’m having a good time revisiting old favourites – especially films I’ve only seen once or haven’t seen in over 10 years. I’d like to finish off my top 100 this year.

And finally, I want to try and watch evenly from all decades. I ignored a lot of the 21st century for a few years and then the last few years I’ve watched too much. I actually prefer modern cinema over classic cinema mostly, but I want to make sure I keep my interest up.


I started working on the top 1001 albums on RYM last year, using a static list from May 2015 and working chronologically. A few others from the forum were also doing this. I’ve watched about 150 so far and am nearly at 1969 but the only albums I’ve loved are all The Beatles albums (obviously, because I loved them already) and a new discovery with The Mothers of Inventions’ Freak Out!. I hate jazz, so that was the most difficult era to go through. But I still have rap and hip-hop to torture myself with from the 1990s onwards, so by then I’ll probably be missing jazz. I am even fussier with music than films. But I want to get through these albums and then start exploring other things. This year, I would like to get halfway at least. I’m thinking about trying to listen to an album a day.


I loved reading as a kid, but I got older and had less time. I am pretty ignorant regarding literature. I’ve read few classic novels and I concentrate almost entirely on horror and science fiction. I have been working on the NPR Sci-fi/Fantasy list for the last few years and have read about a third. Although it will likely be impossible, I would like to try and read a book a week. I started reading Outlander last August and haven’t read any since then, so that should hopefully be done by the end of the week. Either this year or when I finish the list, I want to introduce other books into my reading schedules – classic books and other sci-fi/horror and non-sci-fi/horror.

Video Games

I started getting back into gaming a lot a couple of years ago and then over the last year I haven’t played much more than a couple of idle games. I started a few different games last year and never finished them, and I have a lot of big games from previous years I still haven’t played. At the moment I’m slowly making my way through The Talos Principle. I’d like to get back to Fallout 4 and Alien: Isolation after that. I don’t have any specific gaming goals in mind, but just to keep playing and finish things I start. I tend to get frustrated very easily and I suck at games in general, so when something gets too hard or too scary I give up.


I’ve gone off TV the last few years, I’m not even up to date with most of my favourite shows (still haven’t watched the last season of Game of Thrones). If I have any time for TV this year, I would like to try and finish off some shows I’ve started and not finished. The only TV show I’ve really been watching the last couple of years – as lame as it may make me look – is Big Brother UK. I only started watching it in 2014, but I’ve watched 2011-2015, and 2000-2006 (well, I’m 2/3 of the way through 2006 now). I would like to finish watching all the old seasons this year. It’s the best show to watch when waking up and when winding down at the end of the day as it requires zero brain power. I do have this fabulous wiki where I rank and talk about Big Brother which you can find here.


As I tend to get bored of following things, I likely will give up on everything in a week. But posting about it may keep my motivation high. I’ve kept a diary since 2002, but in 2010 I stopped writing regularly. I’ve written in my 2016 diary every day since 7 December 2015 (my diary starts then for some reason), as well as my ‘A Sentence a Day’ book which I started 1 January. I’m trying to get myself into new habits and making sure I’m exploring and recording and keeping myself interested in stuff. This year is going to be busy otherwise as I’m starting my diploma of film, as well as working, so it’s going to be tough keeping up to date with things but I shall try. At the end of every week (ish), I shall update with my exploration for the week. They likely won’t be very interesting updates, but it’s fun for me. So I’m hoping this year will be a year of more consuming for the mind and less consuming for the belly.

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