A Cadaver Christmas (2011)

Plot Overview

A bloody janitor wanders into a bar and explains that cadavers have come to life at a nearby university campus. Along with a cop, the cop’s perp, the bartender and the local drunk he returns to the campus to put a stop to the undead.


I went into this with no expectations and for what it was, it was surprisingly decent. Apparently made on a budget of only $7000, it definitely looks low-budget but not THAT low-budget. There were a few moments of inaudible dialogue (sometimes due to mumbling and low volume and other times due to the music drowning it out), which bothered me a bit.

The film retains a goofy and cheesy atmosphere throughout, but a little too much so for my tastes. The actors annoyed me (though gradually grew on me as the film went on), aside from the cop and the goat lover. You could tell they were all into it, however, which gave the film some heart and honesty. The lead actor reminded me too much of Dian Bachar and it was really distracting.

When the characters all end up at the campus, it starts to play out like a typical zombie film and apparently a professor was the cause of the dead coming back to life. There’s a flashback to accompany this – and there are a few flashbacks in the film, some amusing and some unnecessary – this was one of the latter. It should’ve been more of a throwaway plot point.

As mentioned, the humour is often too silly but it’s never painfully unfunny. It either works or it’s just… there. Some highlights include the janitor yelling at security on the phone about a rapist-murderer, the drunk jumping in front of the gun and the elevator scenes.


Though it does seem to drag on forever, the film is scattered with enough funny moments to keep you watching. It never quite elevates to ‘good’, but it’s not a bad film either. It’s obviously made with a lot of enthusiasm and it’s surprisingly well-constructed (visually it’s fine and there’s a fully formed narrative) which make it worth a watch if you’re into low-budget horror.

Rating: 5/10

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