Hellooo. That is me trying to be Kubrick. I’m 25 and from Perth, Australia. I am a basement-dwelling hermit loner and spend all my time watching films, playing video games and making lists. When I’m not busy basement-dwelling, I am a supervisor at a stocktaking company and study Film & TV (Diploma) at North Metropolitan Tafe.

As a child, I basically watched whatever my dad rented which meant I grew up on a diet of horror. When I was 14, I discovered the Top 250 and began branching out into other cinema, eventually finding iCheckMovies which brought together my love of lists and films in a way that causes special tingly feelings. I will generally watch anything and everything, but nothing brings me as much joy as horror does. Quotes from people about my opinions and taste in film tend to be along the lines of ‘weird’, ‘unpredictable’, ‘insane’ and such, but I think I have a fairly unexciting taste so maybe they’re all crazy.

The purpose of this site is purely for me to have somewhere to rant and ramble about film and other stuff. I tend to be a stingy rater, so don’t take my ratings too much to heart. Anything 6+ is good and something I consider worth a watch.

My IMDb ratings can be found here. As mentioned, I am also on iCheckMovies and a bunch of other sites that I don’t use that often.

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  • Okay I see you're from Perth, so if you saw this at Luna, fair enough. I did make some cuts since then but it's slow, no getting around that. You didn't mention 3D, which makes me think you watched a 2D version (or I think you'd comment on the 3D, which is pretty awesome). We have a lot of additional 2D footage for the (yet to be released) 2D version. It's a different experience, for sure. No worries.

    • rowsdower

      Yeah, I did see it at Luna (and in 3D). There were definitely a lot of cool things about it, but it was just too slow for me.