Alien Raiders (2008)

Plot Overview

A supermarket is just getting ready to close for the night, when an armed group of masked people start killing people and holding the rest hostage. They claim to be robbers, but we soon find out they are scientists who have tracked down an alien infestation to the store and are determined to end the infestation for good.


The action begins almost immediately, which I’m not usually a fan of, but the atmosphere is kept tense and the directing is tight, so it got my attention straight away. The atmosphere is kept up throughout the film as well, so it’s always interesting. It’s fast-paced, but not annoyingly so.

Despite having a lot of unknown actors, the cast is quite strong. Carlos Bernard plays a character similar to Tony in 24, so I had to giggle every time he said ‘yeah’ or ‘alright’, but he was a strong lead. As already stated, everyone was good, which is surprising for a film with such a small budget (and with apparently very little publicity).

We are kept in the dark for most of the film, which I suspect was to make the gore effects seem better than they were – although they seemed fine to me, and it helped atmospherically a lot too. They did extremely well for the budget (under $2 million) and for a film shot in 3 weeks. I didn’t even know this information before watching it and I would never have known.


It’s definitely worth a watch and another really great independent horror film discovery. There was really nothing wrong with it that I can point out (perhaps the predictable ending but it was still satisfying) and although not perfect, it was a great film.

Rating: 8/10

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