All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Plot Overview

Mandy Lane is a virgin desired by all her classmates. She and a group of friends are invited to weekend at a ranch. The first night there, a hooded stranger begins killing them off one by one.


The film had this weird, awkward feel throughout. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it had me shifting around uncomfortably a lot. It started off awkwardly, but I got into it pretty quickly, however once the killer is revealed it loses steam almost immediately. There is little gore, but what there is is quite fun.

Cheesy dialogue and some weird character decisions left me feeling confused through most of it. Were these people meant to be friends? They hardly seemed to like or even know each other. The only motivation anyone had in the film was to have sex with Mandy, but she had no chemistry with any of the cast so it fell flat.

The cinematography was pretty awful and it seemed very much aimed at a male audience. The shots constantly lingered on Mandy, and there were often some really strange camera placements making it seem very amateurish. Odd music choices didn’t help and I didn’t really know what they were going for, technically.

Amber Heard was absolutely terrible and not believable at all. She spoke blandly, rarely expressed any emotion on her face and when she did, it felt forced. Mandy was also supposed to be this amazingly beautiful girl, and she was not at all. She was, at best, average. The rest of the cast did fine, although the other females were a little weak as well.


It was fun and I did quite enjoy it enough, but technically it was pretty awful. It lacked a lot of focus and kind of went nowhere. The twists weren’t interesting and made it seem really stupid. Worth it if you like your slashers, but otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

Rating: 7/10

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