American Mummy (2014)

Plot Overview

The skeleton crew of a dig site remain over the weekend as they continue with research into a mummy they’ve found. One of them takes the research a little too far, performing a ritual to bring the spirit of the mummy back to life.


I’m not much into mummy-related stories and I really couldn’t get into this one either. There wasn’t much focus on the history of the mummy, and that both worked and didn’t work in its favour. Not much really happened for the first 2/3 of the film, with much of the focus being on the characters just doing stuff at the dig site. This didn’t really work as character development or tension building or even covering any interesting history on the mummy. The characters just weren’t interesting and the actors were pretty lifeless.

When things eventually started happening, I was hoping we would get some intense gore overload to reward our patience, but not so much. The gore that’s there is pretty awesome and there’s lots of it each time something gory happens. The film’s sense of humour also rears its head during these moments, but there aren’t that many and it’s not enough to make up for the slow build-up. There’s a hilarious scene involving a decapitation and a really awesomely gory scene involving a ‘zombie’ under a shelf, which were by far the highlights of the film. I felt like the gory bits were when the director was most at home; everything else seemed very awkward.


The funny moments and the cool gore are really the only things holding this film together. It’s unfortunately very slow and boring and the fun parts are few and far between. It needed some tighter writing and direction to really keep it all together, especially on the low budget.

Rating: 5/10

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  • Likely the download you watched is previous cut. Movie still builds slow but there is more (historical stuff) there. It's also shot and intended to be viewed in 3D. So probably ripped from 2D early version. In any case, buy a t-shirt so you're not just ripping me off!

  • The torrented version of the movie you watched is different than the finished product , which is also in 3D. There is more history and it moves faster. 🙂