Atmo HorroX (2016)

Plot Overview

A ‘creature’, dressed in stockings and balloons, uses various objects to hunt down people and ‘remove’ them via women’s shoes.


I attended the world premiere of this film which for some strange reason was in Perth, of all places. I chose to see this instead of another film purely because it looked crazy and well, it was. I’m not entirely sure what even happened and reading the official plot summary still doesn’t really help. The director was in attendance and his explanation was fairly vague as well. Mostly, I think it’s supposed just be a visceral trip.

The sound in the film was pretty amazing. It was actually slightly disturbing and uncomfortable at times, but I think that may have been the point. There is no real dialogue in the film, just this weird screeching and noises most of the time. Someone asked a question at the Q&A asking about the lack of dialogue and the director said it was because he wanted the emotions to come through from the actors and the scene, rather than the dialogue and I thought that was pretty obvious and a good decision to make for a film like this. Even so, it didn’t help with coherency.

The visuals were trippy as balls. I didn’t really know what the colour grading was meant to evoke and after a while it started to annoy me a bit. But it was an interesting look and helped add to its surrealness. The effects were also really good. There were a couple of monsters and some ‘gory’ bits that looked really good and I actually liked those parts most (probably appealing to my taste in horror films) and I kind of wanted to see more of that rather than a lot of the slow moments.


It made pretty much no sense to me at all. The director said the main character was like a ‘boogeyman’ being sent out by others to find these people and they all had some kind of connection, which later in the film was sort of revealed, but also wasn’t. It was very slow and seemed a lot longer than it was which meant it really got on my nerves about halfway through. The visuals and sounds were so full on, it felt like all my senses were being attacked. It has a lot of interesting aspects, but I found it incredibly boring and lacked a pay off at the end. Fans of experimental and subversive cinema are probably the better target audience for something like this and will probably get a kick out of it.

Rating: 5/10

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