Carol (2015)

Plot Overview

Therese, a young girl working at a department store falls in love with Carol, an older married woman going through a troublesome divorce.


The film looked quite nice, the sets and costumes and colours were all very good. But that’s really where the compliments stop.

I found both Therese and Carol extremely unlikable and unpleasant. I didn’t think much of the acting either. Blanchett came across too much like an Oscar performance. Mara was more constrained, but came across as bland and uninterested. There was not an iota of chemistry or tension between the two, and Blanchett came across as a creepy perv.

It was fairly slow and it really felt like a lifetime because none of it worked at all. This doesn’t mean it’s a terribly made film, just that if there’s no connection between the leads in a romance film, it’s not going to be a pleasant watch.


With better actresses with better chemistry, the film may have worked. As it is, it just seems silly and wooden. I couldn’t have cared less about the characters or their relationship and just wished it would end. As mentioned, the technical aspects are nice, but that’s really it.

Rating: 5/10

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