Carriers (2009)

Plot Overview

During a viral pandemic, four friends travel to a secluded beach to wait out the pandemic. On the way they meet up with a man, Frank, and his infected daughter with whom they negotiate with. During their journey they’re faced with many events which test their humanity.


This sounded right up my alley, and I’ve wanted to watch it for years but was put off by the cast (Piper Perabo and Chris Pine? No.). And yet another film which doesn’t meet my expectations and wastes a great idea.

Considering this film is supposed to focus on the characters, their humanity and their choices, it really doesn’t do this very well. None of the characters are very interesting or well-developed. None of their actions made sense, even when they were acts of desperation, they didn’t seem believable.

The dialogue is also pretty cheesy and typical. I thought this was an indie film so was expecting a little more, but it felt like a ‘mainstream’ film imitating an indie film.


The pacing is amazingly sluggish and with little happening and nothing to care about, we’re left with a good idea and a terribly dull execution.

Rating: 5/10

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