Changes Are Afoot

I get sick of my layout every couple of years and need to change it. I know this one is a little magazine-y and news-y, but I like it for now. My ‘aim’ for this site has changed multiple times since I started it in 2007; it began as just a site for my lists and random things like that and for me to experiment with Dreamweaver. Then I decided a film review site would be cool, but I meh’d so many films I never had any worth talking about. So then I swapped to horror and just got busy…

So, I’ve decided going into 2016, I’m making this more about film in general and other stuff if I feel like it. It’s mostly going to be about film with a main focus in horror, but I may post about other things like music or video games. This layout should hopefully help organise everything a bit better when I start writing about other random stuff.

I also want to start writing more regularly. I’m thinking of doing theme months revolving around a certain area of film, so that should help get my juices flowing. I want to focus more on unknown horror films as well. I thought a new layout and focus might get me excited about film again and get me writing stuff. The first thing I shall be focusing on is Kazakh cinema in preparation for the iCM Forum’s 2016 Film World Cup, as long as no-one steals Kazakhstan from me and if they try I will fight them.

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