Club Dread (2004)

Plot Overview

A mysterious killer begins killing employees of Coconut Pete’s Coconut Beach Resort on Paradise Island.


This was a rewatch, which came about because I had been discussing Broken Lizard with someone and decided it had been too long since I’d seen it. I first saw it after I couldn’t sleep one night and found my mum and my brother watching it. I thought one of the guy’s was hot and continued watching. I ended up thinking it was hilarious and watched it a few times. But that was 7 years ago.

It’s still a lot of fun and pretty funny, but without my crush on that certain Broken Lizard member and perhaps not being as young, I didn’t quite go as crazy over it. The acting, and sometimes the comedic capabilities of some of the actors, prevent some of the jokes working as well as they should. I also found Paul Soter to go too over-the-top with Dave’s drug antics and it kind of annoyed me. The funniest character is probably Juan, most of my favourite lines are from him “What the fuck are you, some kind of praying mantis woman?” and my absolute favourite line when he yells out “El Chupacabra!”

Horror-comedy is a tough genre to get right. There’s usually too much focus on one side, and if either side fails, the movie falls apart. This doesn’t happen here, and the horror side of it is a lot of fun as well. The deaths aren’t particularly gory or special, but they still work. I also have a thing for people getting killed on an island (or any limited location), as long as that movie isn’t Demon Island (2002), which I hate with every inch of my soul. I like getting to know the characters before they are killed, even if we’re only spending a short time with them.


Anyway, it never takes itself seriously, it wasn’t trying to be an intelligent or original spoof; it was just trying to be a fun and funny movie and it succeeds. The music is catchy as hell too. My DVD stuffed up a few minutes before the end, but I remember not liking that bit at the very end.

Rating: 7/10

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