Contracted (2013)

Plot Overview

Samantha is a young girl who is having relationship problems with her girlfriend. She attends a party where she is drugged and raped in the back of a car. When she begins bleeding heavily with a rash, a doctor diagnoses her with an STD, but as the symptoms worsen, it’s apparent that this is something much more.


I went into the film blindly and I think this was the best way to do it, so I’ll probably be quite vague in this review. On the surface it seems like it’s a film about the dangers of unsafe sex, but I don’t really think that is the point at all. It appears to be more about the vanity, self-obsessiveness and ignorance of most young people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite achieve that.

The acting isn’t great, but tolerable. The characters come across as idiots, who make one stupid decision after another and nothing they do makes any sense. When Samantha’s eyes are blood-shot and her teeth are falling out and her skin is cracked, she still goes into work? Her friends and family barely seem to notice anything wrong with her? A guy sleeps with her even though she looks like death? I get the feeling they are not meant to be ‘characters’ but instead representing the afore-mentioned vanity and self-obsessiveness. The writing isn’t very good and because the film doesn’t really have a sense of humour, it’s really hard to look at it from that angle. If the tone was more similar to say, Teeth, I think it would’ve been much more effective.

Samantha’s transformation was quite disturbing to watch. I even cringed a few times; the tooth and the maggots. Doesn’t get much worse than that for me. Her apparent indifference was a bit annoying and as I mentioned above, if she was meant to be representing her trying to please everyone without any regard for her well-being it just didn’t work and took away some of the unpleasantness of her change.

The ending kind of made the film though. I really wish the rest of the film had been as effective because it would’ve been the absolute clincher;



Despite the poor writing and acting, it does manage to be a pretty entertaining film with a great ending. Unfortunately the poor writing and acting prevent it from really getting its point across. A pinch of dark humour and better script would’ve elevated it way above being merely good. As it is, it’s definitely an interesting watch, but its satire and commentary will most likely go unnoticed.

Rating: 6/10

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