Dance of the Dead (2008)

Plot Overview

On the night of the prom, the dead come back to life and it’s up to the people who couldn’t get a date to save the day.


Surprisingly good for its low budget and a pretty fun zomcom. The acting is actually not that bad. Clearly not professionals, but they all do fine. There were a few plot points which were fairly original as well, and some of the deaths weren’t predictable which was a nice addition.

The effects aren’t the best, but considering it’s a comedy that’s not too important and they aren’t that bad anyway. The zombies were cool enough and they had a fair amount of screen time, but the body count was pretty low and we didn’t get too see much on-screen gore which was disappointing.

The characters were pretty typical highschool film characters and I don’t think it really used this to its advantage. They could’ve either had more depth, or been more comical in their traits (not complete caricatures, but they were overall a little bleh so a little life wouldn’t have hurt). Some of them were better than others; Kyle and Jimmy were probably the most likable and most natural.


Fast paced, but not annoyingly so, this manages to be fun, but not much more than that. A higher body count and more focus on ‘horror’ instead of comedy would’ve been better because, while it was amusing, it wasn’t hilarious, and some tension and character investment would’ve helped.

Rating: 7/10

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