Dèmoni (1985)

Plot Overview

A group of people are invited to a cinema for the screening of a horror movie. As the movie gets more violent, the cinema patrons start to turn into bloodthirsty demons, and the others must try to survive and escape.


This movie reminded me strongly of The Evil Dead (1981), especially the first 30 minutes. Very similar in terms of gore and creepiness so if you’re not a fan of Evil Dead, I don’t think you’ll like this much. I absolutely loved the gore. The effects were mostly great, and the demons actually looked pretty cool and creepy.

The first 30 minutes were great, but it dipped a little in the middle. There was a lot of waiting in this time, but there was no suspense and not really much happening and it dragged a bit. I also didn’t really like the addition of the coked out rebels (and the girl looked about 12 years old, which was just creepy), they kind of seemed like an excuse to play some cool 80s music and fill up some time. It picked itself up at the end and, unlike most horror movies, I was pretty pleased with the ending.

Acting was what you’d expect, but the actors weren’t lifeless so it didn’t hurt it too much. Natasha Hovey’s constant wide-eyed, scared innocent kitten look got annoying after a while though.


If you are a fan of gore or Evil Dead type movies, I think it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy this. It was a lot of fun.

Rating: 9/10

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