Der Student von Prag (1913)

Plot Overview

A poor student falls in love with a countess and makes a deal with a strange man; his reflection for enormous wealth.


This is my first film for my ‘Horror Through the Years‘ project. I’ve seen the 1926 version and didn’t particularly care for that, though I’ve largely forgotten it now so I can’t really compare it.

At less than one hour, it moves fairly briskly and doesn’t really dilly dally so it feels a little more focused. It does, however, feel incomplete and it IS incomplete since some of it remains lost. There is no building of tension or story growth and is somewhat episodic. I feel like it also lacks character development and the actors are pretty poorly miscast and don’t really do a whole lot.


From what little I remember of the 1926 version, I think this moved faster and was a tad more entertaining for me. The effects are pretty cool for its day and are kind of the highlight of the film. It’s not really a ‘must watch’, but an important early horror film nevertheless.

Rating: 6/10

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