Død Snø 2 (2014)

Plot Overview

Martin escapes from the Nazi zombies from the first film with one arm missing, but crashes his car and wakes up in a hospital. He discovers that one of the zombie arms has mistakingly been attached to his arm, which has a mind of its own and exceptional strength. He discovers the Nazi’s haven’t finished their mission yet, and with the help of the Zombie Squad sets out to end their mission for good.


Unlike the first film – which is a slasher film with zombies – this film is slightly broader in genre. It prevents it from feeling as taut, but gives it a bit more freedom to go a little crazy. At first I was a bit worried about this because I thought the humour was a bit too silly and it was a little shaky, but it quickly found its feet and was a tremendously fun ride.

From the scene involving the kid at the hospital onwards, the audience was roaring with laughter throughout most of the film. There were a few silly jokes, but most of the physical humour hit the mark and was absolutely hilarious. When the zombies reach the town and deal with its residents really sets the tone for the film – it clearly isn’t taking itself too seriously and they are having a lot of fun with it. I won’t go into detail about it because it would spoil a couple of surprises, but it was amazing.

Martin is quite unmemorable as a lead character and the side characters over shadow him a little, but he does ground the film. It was fun seeing Martin Starr (and I heard a few audience members go ‘Bill!’) and the zombie sidekick was stupidly funny as well. The stupid police were a bit cheesy though. I also didn’t particularly like the Zombie Squad girls + Glenn’s scenes that much (they weren’t ‘bad’, I just felt they disrupted the tone).

The final battle delivers and is a satisfactory conclusion to the two films. The post-battle scene was a bit silly, but it still worked with the film and was funny and cringey at the same time. The first film seemed to have a slightly darker sense of humour, whereas this one dipped into silly humour more often.


Although it’s in a different genre to first film, it keeps the same kind of tone and is a lot of fun. It doesn’t really hold back from just being totally silly, but it’s so genuine that it works and is just hilarious. It’s well paced and there’s a lot of fun gore as well. I do prefer the first one because I liked the way it played with the slasher genre and its tropes, and this one didn’t really have that. It is ridiculously fun and definitely worth a watch if you liked the first one.

Rating: 8/10

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  • sennaho

    I really agree! As I am from Norway, it's so nice to actually see these two amazing horror-flicks coming from here! Nice review!