Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015)

Plot Overview

After his twin brother is murdered following two back-to-back massacres, Brent Chirino attempts to infiltrate the Delta Bi Theta fraternity to investigate the murder and avenge his brother’s death.


As soon as I read the title of the film, I knew I had to see it. It was mostly what I expected. The trailers and VHS quality helped give it a lot of charm and made it easy to ignore a lot of flaws. It never really felt quite 80s though, it always felt like a spoof of 80s horror movies, but never really had the right retro feel. The creativity of the kills and some of the references and just weird plot points was more entertaining than the humour though. I felt the script could’ve been a lot funnier, but it was a little too silly for my taste and not really clever enough (especially when the visual aspects were generally fairly clever and amusing).

Considering it was quite a large cast, they managed to give everyone decent screen time and the actors were pretty good at being bad. I was happy to see Greg Sestero in something else and lost it at The Room reference. The cameo by John Francis Daley also made me happy. I didn’t know most of the other actors but I thought they were all solid and hit their marks well. I think it was more the script and the pacing that let it down than the actors.


I was expecting much worse, but it wasn’t so bad. It isn’t ever hilarious though and the most I laughed was at The Room reference. It was also way too long and dragged quite a bit. It may have worked better as a short film, but at least needed 20-30 minutes cut out. But the kills are amusing and creative and it never takes itself too seriously and it’s nice to see a film doing whatever the hell it wants (and actually be decent quality).

Rating: 6/10

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