Green Room (2015)

Plot Overview

A punk rock band accidentally witness a murder and are forced to fight against a group of skinheads who want to eliminate all evidence.


I’m a massive fan of Murder Party and I love it more every time I see it. I liked Blue Ruin but think it’s a bit overrated. However, I do love Saulnier’s style and I love Macon Blair so I’m happy to watch anything they do. As I don’t watch trailers and try to avoid reviews or information I knew nothing about the film going in, which I think is the best way to go into any film but it was quite beneficial here.

It begins quite slow and I found the characters quite flat. Which is odd considering Murder Party’s biggest strength are its amazing characters and the acting. There were a lot of weirdly cliche moments and scenes, particularly involving Amber – I think removing her would’ve made the film considerably stronger.

The tension comes in bursts and I think that this is partly due to the unlikable characters making it difficult to connect to. There is an odd calm to the film and a natural feel, which makes the violent moments very effective. Some of the graphic shots made the women in the audience look away and cover their eyes which was amusing. One scene in particular made the majority of the audience yell out. And another made the entire audience jump a mile.

Films like this are often structured like a slasher film, where people are killed off one by one and you know exactly when these moments will happen. Green Room doesn’t function like that. Again, adding to the un-exploitative nature of the film and giving the illusion of unpredictability. That’s not to say it’s lying to you, but you can tell where it’s going; you just don’t know how they’re going to get there. As I mentioned earlier, Macon Blair is just the best and he was my favourite part of the film. I didn’t recognise him without his hair at first, but he has great screen presence no matter how small his role is.


I was left a bit disappointed due to the characters and the acting, I think this could’ve been really great with a better cast. Better chemistry between the actors may have disguised some of the scenes that otherwise felt like unnecessary fat and stalled the tension instead of building it. I did like the few moments of tension that it did have and I think the violent moments were done very well.

Rating: 6/10

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