Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Plot Overview

Siblings Darry and Trish are driving home from college, they see a strange man dumping something into a pipe and decide to go check it out. They are horrified by what they find and go to seek help. However, the strange man is now following them and they discover that he’s not human at all.


When I was young, this was one of the very few movies that actually scared me (I can literally count them all on one hand). While I don’t get the same fear now, it still manages to be an extremely intense horror film.

Most people seem to complain that the last half isn’t as effective, but I find it to be just as effective the whole way through. The film never relies on cheap shocks or overdone CGI for scares; it is just full of atmosphere. The Creeper himself is actually pretty creepy too. I had a nightmare almost 10 years ago about a creature that looked just like him and since it was a pretty scary nightmare, I’m always reminded of that when I watch it now.

The acting is pretty strong too. For some reason I had remembered it as being petty bad, but everyone does a good job (not brilliant, but good). The psychic lady wasn’t great though and she a bit too cliched.


One of the most effective horror films, this holds up on every rewatch and manages to be just as chilling. Some of it is a bit ‘silly’, but nothing that shakes up the movie’s universe and it is entertaining throughout. True horror fans should have a ball with it, and I’m completely dumbfounded as to why this gets such negative attention.

Rating: 9/10

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