Jugular (2014)

Plot Overview

Jack moves into an apartment where a serial killer killed himself. He slowly begins to lose his mind.


It was a bit too ambitious for its own good. There wasn’t much of a story, and it obviously took a lot of inspiration from similar themed films, but it felt empty and lifeless. It’s set almost entirely in the one small apartment (the director’s actual apartment), the lead is in every scene and he just isn’t strong enough to carry an entire film on his shoulders. The character didn’t have much to him either. He kept going into bizarre PSA’s or just staring into space. The detective guy that comes around is laughable and I’m not really sure what the point of his character was.

Supposedly about a troubled man who spirals out of control, but I really don’t know anything about this guy. He was ‘away’ for some time and has now returned and wants to get his life together. And the spiraling doesn’t make any sense. Aside from his life sucking, there’s no real reason for anything that happens, to happen. Why has he been away? Why does he keep taking in the teenage girl? Why does he go off with the drug dealer in the first place? Why does he feel a kinship with the serial killer that used to live there? Why is the detective coming around? I don’t really need these questions answered matter-of-factly, but even some ambiguity would’ve been nice.


The best thing about this film was the shot that I used as the featured image. That was really cool. These kinds of films can be interesting, but it feels like there isn’t a whole lot of depth behind it. It tries to be creative and use some interesting techniques to develop atmosphere, but feels like it’s just copying similar films with no real reason for those techniques to be there. I also found it quite dull.

It’s very low-budget and it’s pretty cool that they made a film with the budget they had ($6000). Although I disliked the film, it was a pretty impressive product considering the budget and other restrictions (the director was basically the entire crew). It’s still worth a watch for fans of things like Rosemary’s Baby and/or low-budget cinema.

Rating: 3/10

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