Kalevet (2010)

Plot Overview

A brother and sister run away from home, and when the sister is trapped in a hole – a trap set by a psychopathic killer – he goes to find help. He runs into a group of young tennis players and while the two guys go to help his sister, the two girls get harassed by a pair of cops.


I was expecting some kind of slasher in the woods scenario based on the plot summary, but it’s not like that all. It also has nothing to do with rabies. I think others have had the same assumption and are giving it praise for NOT being a slasher film just based on their own expectations – which I think is unfair praise for the film.

The killer character is only there as a catalyst for all these characters to collide and these events to happen. Calling it a horror film does seem a bit of a stretch, as it really only dabbles in taking a few horror conventions and then not following through with them. Whilst it gives it an air of unpredictability, it also makes little sense.

It feels more like a string of ‘skits’ than an actual film. In some ways this is interesting, but I just don’t think the film was strong enough for it to quite work that way. Instead of there being a plot or ‘reason’ for all these things to come together, they just happen. There are 4-5 different groups of characters that are out doing their thing and there isn’t a neat narrative to tie it all together.

Unfortunately the characters aren’t that interesting and behave pretty stupidly for the most part. The acting is also quite bad from most and the only character I was really interested in was Lior Ashkenazi’s character – mostly because he was the strongest actor and had some screen presence, but I’m also possibly biased because I enjoyed him in Big Bad Wolves.


It’s not a terrible watch, but it does very little with what it presents. It appears to be trying to turn horror conventions on their head, but it feels very messy and none of this really goes anywhere. Some of it is dragged out far too long and it’s not quite smart or funny enough to carry itself.

Rating: 6/10

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  • Chris Reynolds

    I liked the idea behind the film but it was poorly handled. The characters had to act in bizarre unbelievable ways in order for the plot to work. I think the script needed a few more drafts to ensure that the characters had proper motivations.