Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Plot Overview

A young couple stumble upon a circus tent in the middle of the woods and discover that it’s actually a spaceship with aliens who look like circus clowns and who are killing people to use them as a food source.


One of greatest B-movies ever and is as much fun on a rewatch as it was the first time. It is not a perfect movie, but it is the perfect B-movie. Horror and sci-fi spoofs rarely work, and this just blows most of them out of the water.

It begins with possibly the greatest theme song ever and the first time I watched it, I knew I was going to love it just based on the theme song alone. The music throughout sticks to the circus theme and is a lot of fun.

The klown make-up and costumes look amazing. Obviously made on a low budget, but they are funny and creepy at the same time. The spaceship is designed like a circus tent and all the weapons are circus themed (a gun that shoots popcorn, cocoons made out of cotton candy etc), giving the film such a fun and original look and feel.

The humour never feels forced, even though the acting is not that great – though the actors are full of energy and obviously enjoyed themselves. The dialogue is cheesy, but it all fits the mood of the film and never detracts from the experience.


If you don’t like fun movies, avoid it, but anyone with a sense of humour should be in for ninety minutes of awesome fun. And a sequel is coming out at some point which I can’t wait for!

Rating: 8/10

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