Kiss of the Damned (2012)

Plot Overview

Djuna is a vampire who falls in love with Paulo, despite trying to resist his advances. She turns him into a vampire and she introduces him to the elite society of the vampires. When her sister, Mimi, comes to visit things start to go out of control.


To preface, I am sick to death of vampires now. Honestly, people go on about zombies being beaten to death with a stick, but if that’s so, then vampires have been bludgeoned with a hammer, run over by a steamroller and then stomped on by very large people. And more than that, I hate the modern sexual vampire craze. Vampires are supposed to be ugly and evil, not sexy and ‘some are nice but some are bad’. I don’t mind some things like that, but in general it’s so obviously shallow and manipulative.

In this film, vampires are part of an elite society. They are the typical image of the snobby and wealthy; going to the theater, listening to classical music, houses decorated with modern, abstract art and gather to talk about how silly the useless humans are. Then we also have the stereotypical crazy, troubled sister (as opposed to the one who has her act together, yet is troubled by ‘what’ she is) who comes along and kills people and disrupts their harmony.

And Djuna and Paulo fall in love after seeing each other for about five minutes. This was enough time for him to know that he would do anything to be with her, including turning into a vampire, and for her to know that Paulo was the first man she would turn into a vampire (despite being vehemently against it), and the first man in 70 years that she would fall in love with. What?


Aside from nice visuals, it’s a pretty dumb film. I’m not really sure what it’s trying to say about ‘vampires’ or anything else. It really just seems like an excuse for some sex scenes and blood. The ‘elite’ vampire society was an interesting concept, but was too shallow and too ‘obvious’. It didn’t really deal with the idea past the surface of it being there and vampires are just like snobby rich people. If you like the sexy vampire thing, then it’ll probably be your kind of film.

Rating: 4/10

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