Hello and welcome to my SUPER AWESOME LIST SITE. Yes. I wanted a pretty lil site to keep pretty versions with pretty pictures of my Top 10 lists and so here it is.

Basically does what it says on the tin; Top 10 lists for each year, going by IMDb dates (for consistency) and only films classified as feature films on IMDb (no short films, mini-series, TV eps etc). They shall be updated as and when I find new awesome films to replace the current awesome films.

I have seen at least 10 films from every year since 1920 and the cut-off for making a top 10 is at least a 7/10 – since I tend to dislike most films, not all years will have full Top 10s yet. You can see all my ranked lists in the link.

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I mostly hang out on iCM coz it’s awesome and I’m also co-admin of the forum.