MurderDrome (2013)

Plot Overview

After a roller derby competition, Cherry Skye discovers that a necklace given to her by a potential love interest, Brad, is connected to the demon-spirit of a competitor of the MurderDrome who was murdered 20 years ago. The spirit begins to kill off Skye’s friends to steal their souls and to find Skye.


It is very obviously low-budget, but does ok considering. There are some interesting visual things, the actors – while obviously not actors – do a decent job, and what little gore there is is pretty good. There are a few funny scenes and some interesting bits here and there, but unfortunately the majority of the film is a complete mess.

There’s no real plot or logic or development, just random things chucked in together and a throwaway explanation. Why has this demon of Momma Skate come back? Don’t know. Why is she killing everyone? Don’t know. What is the point of roller derby in the plot? Don’t know. The credits at the beginning go on forever, and the credit sequence is kind of cool, but is played over a montage of roller derby-ing. These montages happen often, with metal or punk music being played over them. The derby scenes aren’t that interesting, they don’t showcase the sport or the skill. The characters are in skates for the majority of the film, but it just feels pointless – especially considering the title – and there were quite a few cool things they could’ve done with it, but didn’t.

The cast were clearly roller derby people, rather than actors. I liked the variety in the cast as well as it really helped give some definition to the characters which couldn’t really be helped by the silly script and the acting skills. But the women were all of different sizes, different attractiveness levels, different personalities etc. They could’ve been more developed of course, but they clearly weren’t professionals. I was a bit annoyed that for the most part, the characters seem to only exist to show off how quirky and punk they are.

Momma Skate is a pretty lame villain. She has a sliver of a back story that we see in some kind of ‘dream’, shown to Skye by the old-George-Harrison janitor guy, but there’s not enough. A lot of the kills are off-screen, but there are a few gory moments which were also the highlights of the film. There was some nice splatter and I wished they’d shown us a bit more of that.


It’s not really worth a watch unless you’re really into independent Australian films. There were too many filler montage scenes, a rushed and undeveloped plot, characters with little substance and the few good moments and funny lines are drowned under all the mess.

Rating: 4/10

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