My Top 100 Horror Films: 40-31

Go look at my last entry #50-41 and head on back to keep up with the countdown.

#40 – Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

PUNISH! Awesomely good fun, Billy is a likable lead and lots of lols.

#39 – Terror Train (1980)

Low on gore and kills, but makes up for it in tension and atmosphere. I kept waiting for a twist and there wasn’t one and it was refreshing to have such a straightforward thriller.

#38 – Scarecrows (1988)

And yet another atmospheric slasher/zombie thing. A strange film, but the use of darkness is quite effective and it’s just a damn good ride.

#37 – Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Lots of creativity and fun. Awesomely catchy theme tune which I randomly get stuck in my head and start singing around the place occasionally. And the klowns look freaking awesome.

#36 – Cube (1997)

I consider this more of a sci-fi than a horror film, but it has enough horror elements to get in. The acting is pretty weak (David Hewlett is the only decent one) and the dialogue not great, but the concept and execution are good enough to make up for it.

#35 – The Langoliers (1995)

Another “more sci-fi than horror” film, but is still pretty creepy. A childhood favourite of mine and I still think it’s amazing now. Back in the 90s I thought the effects were really good and now they kind of make me cry, but I still love it. And I used to think Toomey was really cool, so I got into this habit of stripping paper. I perhaps had strange heroes as a child.

#34 – The Sixth Sense (1999)

It’s uncool to like this now but here’s me caring. I watched this when it was first released on video with my family when I was about 8 years old and I felt super fecking awesome when I was the only one to guess the twist. I still feel proud of my young self when that scene comes on (‘I see dead people’ ‘where?’ ‘everywhere’). The toilet scene also scared the feck out of me when I was younger and I was terrified of going to the toilet for some time (and it was the only time I was relieved to not be a boy and have to face away from the door to pee).

#33 – The Burning (1981)

I only saw this for the first time in the last few years having never heard of it (I live under a rock) and I hate that I missed out on it for so long. Great atypical slasher (no final girl! A [hot] male lead! Glorious!) and the lake scene is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

#32 – Dog Soldiers (2002)

Every time I watch Dog Soldiers, I’m just happy it exists. While not perfect, it is just a thoroughly good time. Great sense of humour and doesn’t hold back.

#31 – [Rec] (2007)

A film which shows just how the ‘found footage’ style can work. Very tense with a high sense of urgency. Definitely one of the best ‘zombie/infection’ films in the last few years (and, ever).

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