My Top 100 Horror Films: 90-81

Continuing on from Wednesday’s post of #100-91, here are the next ten films…

#90 – Deadgirl (2008)

An interesting ‘zombie’ film since it isn’t really a zombie film. It’s more of a character study and a moral drama. Whilst the acting isn’t always up to scratch, both leads have good chemistry and play off each other well enough. It’s an interesting premise and it takes itself seriously enough to present it in a realistic and believable way, but not so seriously that it doesn’t have a sense of humour about itself.

#89 – Mulholland Dr. (2001)

This would be much higher except for the fact that I don’t consider it a horror film. It does, however, contain the scariest scene in the history of cinema. I was completely unaware of said scene before watching, I’d never heard a thing about the film and so when it happened it was completely unexpected. The feeling of dread, the colour draining from my body, the complete shaking of my core and the fact that when I stood up when the film was done, my knees were still trembling means that it NEEDS to be in this top 100. I’ve never felt fear like that before or since, but it was damn worth it.

#88 – The Blob (1988)

More cheesy 80s goodness. Aside from the catchy theme song, the 50s version is pretty bland. This one takes it up to a level where the blob actually feels like an unstoppable threat and is a cool villain simply for the fact that it’s not ‘alive’ and doesn’t think. The actors are pretty unimpressive, but the blobby-ness hits more than enough marks to make up for it.

#87 – Army of Darkness (1992)

On a first watch, I didn’t like either of The Evil Dead sequels, but on rewatches since, their individual strengths shine through without me trying to compare it to the first one. Darkness is the most campy and ‘comedic’ of the three, with a slightly less interesting plot and setting, but is still a fun ride and Campbell is his usual awesome self.

#86 – Saw (2004)

Yet another film that is unfairly dismissed as torture porn (and often accused of starting the recent craze). However unsubtle Saw may be, pointless and worthless torture porn it ain’t. Purposely visceral and showy, it forces you into the same situations as these characters. To face yourself and your weakness and every time you’ve taken advantage of ‘life’. Delving not only in the minds of the victims, we are faced with seeing the dark side of human nature in the ‘vigilantism’ of someone like Jigsaw. What right does someone have to pass judgment on others?

#85 – Piranha (2010)

A crazy black comedy that doesn’t hold back at all. Blows the original film (which is not very good) completely out of the water. The CGI piranhas are terrible and the build-up drags a little, but once that amazing massacre begins it’s all worth it. One of the few actually funny parodies (because it doesn’t play out like a parody), full of appropriately shallow characters, whose skin-deep beauty won’t last for long once the piranhas start nibbling at them.

#84 – The Changeling (1980)

I’m not normally a big fan of haunted house/ghost films because they are usually have too much exposition and not enough atmosphere. The Changeling is highly atmospheric, whilst also having an interesting story. Creepy, but so creepy you’d hide under the covers.

#83 – Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly (1970)

I don’t even know how to classify ‘Girly’. It’s bizarre and sexual and darkly funny. The acting is good all around and the chemistry between the characters was one of the reasons it all worked so well.

#82 – Sei donne per l’assassino (1964)

Another tense and stylish giallo, which works because it focuses more on the thriller side than the stylish side. The use of colours and shadows, creepy mannequins and contrasting brutal violence work well with the mystery.

#81 – Angel Heart (1987)

I personally don’t really think of it as a horror film, but a very strong thriller. I watched this on a whim ten years ago as I was bored and it was lying around. I didn’t think much of it then, but when I rewatched it years later, I realised how good it was. Mickey Rourke is great and the atmosphere keeps you spellbound.

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