Para Elisa (2011)

Plot Overview

Ana needs to get a job to save money for a school vacation, so calls up about a nanny job. On arrival, she discovers that the ‘child’, Elisa, is not what she expected, but when she tries to leave, she is captured and forced to be Elisa’s doll.


A terrible script keeps this film from being anything other than a bad film. It’s very childish and immature, the dialogue is unreal and lacks any subtlety. The director/writer seems to have some weird lesbian fetish because he randomly starts making two straight female characters flirt with other and then later on there is some weird grabby action between Ana and Elisa. That seems to have fuelled the entire film’s premise.

Not much even actually happens and none of it makes any sense. Elisa’s mother drugs Ana using some plant that will mute her, but says that this is the first time she’s ever used it – suggesting that this is the first ‘doll’ she’s taken. At the Q&A however, the director said that there had been many other dolls (who were now dead and hidden in the house somewhere). Even if we assume that she’s never used this ‘muting plant’ before, there is nothing that suggests they were clever about hiding this secret and that they could get away with taking numerous girls and murdering them.


None of the character’s motivations made any sense. The lack of subtlety resulted in feeling like I’d been smacked in the face with a shovel the entire film and it was just not enjoyable. Most of the film is Ana sitting in a chair trying to make a noise, while Elisa screams a lot. The director seemed passionate about the film and said he ‘made the film with love’ but it does not show at all and I feel kind of bad having to give the film a bad review.

Rating: 4/10

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