Pet (2016)

Plot Overview

Seth is a shy and socially awkward man who works at an animal shelter. When he bumps into his old highschool crush and she rejects him, he decides to hold her captive.


I didn’t see this at FrightFest, though I remember seeing Dominic Monaghan turn up in a fancy suit surrounded by people and almost bumped into him a couple of times. I heard from a few people that it was good and ‘not as it seems’, so I was already waiting for twists and things, but it still went in other ways than I predicted.

The major drawback of the film to me was the dialogue. It felt too ‘Hollywood’, and even looked too Hollywood, for a film that seems like it would’ve been much stronger if it had been more independent and grungy. Ksenia Solo annoyed me at first, but as the character developed I realised she was meant to be annoying. Still, I felt the dialogue stilted her performance and she over-acted at other times. Monaghan was fine, but Solo stands out more.

The film seemed to be introducing various subplots and such that would’ve made it feel bloated, but once things get rolling it thankfully keeps itself centered in the ‘cage’. It goes in interesting directions that you wouldn’t really expect from this film, however it asks more questions than it answers and some things kind of feel added for shock value or a laugh.


Good film and worth a watch if you are at all interested in the subject matter. No aspects are particularly strong to me, but they’re all good and it keeps you watching. And keeping your audience engrossed in your film is the most important thing to me and it does it very well. It might not be particularly memorable, but it’s a good time.

Rating: 6/10

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