Pikovaya dama (1916)

Plot Overview

After hearing a friend tell a story about how his grandmother, a Countess, learned a secret that would ensure she could never lose at cards, German becomes obsessed with discovering this secret.


My second film for my Horror Through the Years project. Like Student of Prague, I’ve previously seen a remake of this adaptation. I didn’t go crazy over the 1949 version and this was about equal to me, in terms of entertainment.

It was a little lacking in depth, I think it was too short and rushed. Technically it was quite interesting and there are some cool visuals and effects for its time. Mozzhukhin’s performance wasn’t too bad either, sometimes a bit theatrical but mostly it worked.


I don’t find this story particularly interesting and I’m not sure any film adaptation is ever going to really do it for me. It’s not bad, but it’s probably not going to knock your socks off either.

Rating: 5/10

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