Pontypool (2008)

Plot Overview

In a radio station in a small town in Ontario, calls start coming in about violent attacks all over town. A virus appears to be spreading amongst the residents causing them to attack each other but the cause is unknown.


I always thought this was a zombie movie, but I accidentally read what the ‘virus’ was beforehand, so came in a little prepared. I love movies set in one location, and this film made full use of it. It was claustrophobic, tense, full of atmosphere. It built up slowly, but this didn’t hurt it. We find out bits of information as the characters do and we don’t see anything actually happening, so thankfully the script is quite good. Unfortunately, it really faltered in the last third which really brought it down.

The acting was quite strong from the main cast, only 3 people, especially McHattie who was a good choice since his voice is perfect for a radio host. There is a little bit of character build-up which is strengthened from being stuck with them in one room for the film. The stereotypical doctor with an accent was a bit too much though and started bringing it down a cliche route.

The explanation of the virus was original and clever in some ways, silly in others. It brought up a lot of questions, which is always nice, but it did seem like that the writer didn’t intend for there to be any answers. The idea was fun to toy around with, but I didn’t feel like there was enough substance behind it.


Overall the movie wasn’t bad, the tension build-up was great and it had me really involved. The idea was original, and the film did a great job of being exciting without having any action. Unfortunately the lack of explanation made it somewhat unsatisfying and the last third descended into some silliness. It wasn’t great, but worth a watch.

Rating: 6/10

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