Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Plot Overview

Three teenage scouts are camping out for the last time when they discover their town has been overrun with zombies.


The film begins with an unnecessarily long and drawn out scene of a hippy janitor dude dancing around before accidentally releasing a zombie that is being researched on. This sets the tone of the film fairly well so if you find that pretty unfunny like I did, you’re likely not going to enjoy the rest of it either.

None of the three leads are very interesting, nor are the supporting characters. The audience of the film appears to be teenage boys and I can’t imagine it appealing to many others. There is a strong focus on ‘hot chicks’, sex jokes, childish humour and male friendship.

The tone is really strange though because the script and characters are clearly aimed at tweenish boys, but it’s fairly bloody. However, it’s not particularly violent or dark. The violence and blood is purely comedic. And it’s not very funny.

While the film looked quite nice – though nothing particularly special or stylised – the content didn’t really complement it. The strip club and party scenes were nice sets and some of the action scenes were well shot. But it was never very exciting and there were nothing really at stake, so there’s no real motivation.


It’s a shame that the script wasn’t a bit darker and more mature. Visually it was quite nice and with better characters, better material and better tension it might’ve been quite good. But I found it fairly boring and I didn’t laugh once.

Rating: 5/10

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