Sororal (2014)

Plot Overview

Cassie has been having nightmares/visions of people being murdered and using them as inspiration for her paintings. Unfortunately, this has come at the expense of her state of mind and she’s depressed and starting to go a little crazy. After witnessing a murder firsthand, she starts to discover secrets about her family’s past.


Very obviously inspired by giallo, Sororal has some great visuals, keeping it interesting and sharp. The content, on the other hand, has its ups and downs. There was a nice mystery vibe to begin with, but once you find out the first ‘twist’, it starts to unravel. It begins quite typically, with Cassie ‘seeing’ the murders through the murderer’s eyes and then a detective comes along who has noticed similarities between her paintings and the victims. And going further with the psychic connection, the murderers were all seemingly possessed at the time of the murder. Her sister, Kelly, is also marrying Trent – who Cassie used to date in highschool. There are some ‘awkward’ moments between Cassie and Trent, which hint that they’re not quite over each other, though we don’t really find out about what’s been going on in between those years until near the end. It makes the relationship feel a bit forced, but they have some nice chemistry.

Now, it’s a bit hard to review the majority of the plot without giving it all away. I didn’t like the first twist much, but accepted it, and then it just went in a bizarre tangent. I guess you could say it was unique, but it was overly convoluted and illogical. It’s discovered that all the people who were murdered were in love – so, avoiding the typical ‘sex/lust’ angle like horror films usually do, it decided to try a new angle. Unfortunately the idea was just sort of placed there without asking any questions or giving any answers. And I didn’t realise until near the end that it was meant to be set in the 70s-ish (I think?). I just thought everyone was being really hipster and retro. The characters and dialogue feel really modern, so it never even occurred to me.

Regarding the twists and plot;


I was somewhat impressed by the actors – they weren’t amazing, but for a Perth-made low-budget horror film, they were much better than I would’ve ever expected. The characters were a bit contradictory and strange sometimes, but for the most part I was interested in what happened to them. I think the Kelly-Trent-Cassie issue really needed a little more to it. Although a minor part of the film, the things that happened later would’ve been more effective if that had been dealt with a bit better.


I enjoyed the film quite a bit, but the plot going crazy in the second half made me like it a bit less. The visuals are cool and quirky, there are some interesting ideas in the plot and the performances are pretty good. It’s a good film, but needed some more structure and development.

Rating: 6/10

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