Spring (2014)

Plot Overview

After Evan’s mother dies and he loses his job, he goes to Italy and falls in love with a woman who isn’t all she seems.


It functions mostly as a romance with horror elements rather than a horror with romance elements, and it does bits of both well, but they don’t quite come together and it doesn’t really work.

Lou Taylor Pucci is not a good actor and never ‘becomes’ Evan; you’re always aware you’re watching an actor. Evan is also a pretty pathetic and unlikable character, which I think is partly due to the forced delivery of much of his dialogue and Picci’s performance being unbelievable. Nadia Hilker does a slightly better job as Louise, but is never convincingly ‘sexy’ and although comes across as likable, is quite annoying.

Pucci and Hilker also have zero chemistry whatsoever, which is ultimately the film’s biggest downfall. It makes the end especially unconvincing and seemingly tacked on – it also doesn’t help that they’d only known each other a week. The film is shot like a romance film and looks very nice, that softness and light looks really great and is good for contrast with the darker, more ‘horrific’ scenes.

The horror elements are the most interesting part of the film, but it was handled horribly. The scenes where Louise explains it are poorly written and are kind of stupid. The lack of chemistry between the two probably contributes to this ‘dumbness’, because I didn’t buy any of it. The film also decides to become part comedy during these scenes which although ‘works’ also left me confused about the shift in tone.


Overall, it feels disjointed and doesn’t really work on any level. It does bits of things well and is quite unique, the cinematography is also very good. The acting and writing let it down; these things could’ve perhaps been forgiven if the leads had better chemistry, but it feels much too forced and unsatisfying.

Rating: 5/10

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