Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Plot Overview

A droid carrying the much sought after map to Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts is found by a scavenger girl, Rey, who, with the help of runaway Stormtrooper, Finn, try to avoid getting captured by the First Order and deliver it to the Resistance.


I love the original Star Wars trilogy but I do not fangirl over it or the universe in the slightest so I wasn’t particularly bothered about a new addition. All I’d heard about it up to this point was some racist rubbish about the black Stormtrooper and that was all I knew about it.

This was an entertaining enough adventure film, but is not an amazing sequel. It’s better than the prequel trilogy, but it’s very light and isn’t really that fun or exciting. The original films are really a boy’s adventure/coming-of-age kind of story, and have a rich world and exciting plot lines with fun characters. And this really didn’t.

Rey was an awful character. Absolutely pointless, waste of space. She had no personality, the actress was wooden and terrible. The film’s plot was more-or-less a rehash of the first Star Wars film, but lacked an ‘innocent’ hero to root for. Luke is my favourite character in the Star Wars films, but he was likable and interesting, despite his fairly straight character. Rey was an unmemorable bore. The Star Wars universe has pretty terrible female characters, and they shouldn’t have one as a lead. I also didn’t like Kylo Ren. The actor was pretty bad and when he took off his helmet and I saw his hideous face I was just like ‘oh god, put it back on’.

On the other hand, I loved Finn. His character was a little bit underdeveloped, but John Boyega was such a great actor that I wasn’t really bothered. I liked him more than I liked anyone else in the film. He had fantastic presence and stole every scene he was in – except when BB-8 was rolling around because that thing was hilarious and adorable. Also, I have never found Oscar Isaac attractive previously, and even when the film started I was like ‘he looks better with facial hair’, but as soon as he got a bit of a beating and got some blood and sweat on him, I was instantly attracted to him. I don’t even know. I also started finding John Boyega attractive as well, which creeped me out because he’s a year younger than me.

Apparently I like my men beaten up and bloody…

I really didn’t see the need to bring the old characters back. Han Solo and Chewbacca were fine until they met up with Leia and had that horribly written reunion. They didn’t quite have the same spark to them either. It probably would’ve been best to not have them at all, or have them in a very tiny cameo at most.

The action stuff was moderately entertaining, but nothing to jizz in your pants over. Some of the camerawork and editing was a bit funky and distracting. It seemed to be very long and although I can’t quite pick out what could’ve been cut, I feel there was a lot of fluff that should’ve been tossed away.


Whilst it’s entertaining and decent enough – on its own and as a sequel – it lacks a lot of that spark and excitement that makes the original Star Wars films work. There’s a real sense of adventure and fun that is just not here. There are only a few highlights that make it worth watching, but not much that really makes you want to come back for more.

Rating: 6/10

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