Teeth (2007)

Plot Overview

It’s hard to give a plot summary without spoiling it, so I’ll make it vague. Dawn is part of a group of people who have pledged to remain a virgin until marriage. When a new boy, Tobey, arrives she feels attracted to him and they become close. However, temptation beckons and Tobey can’t control his hormones one day whilst they are alone down by the lake…


The acting is not very good for the most part. Sometimes the actors are ok, sometimes they overact too much. It also feels very awkward at times, but it seems to work to its advantage. I was especially able to relate to it due to the awkwardness, whether it was intended or not. The chemistry between Dawn and Tobey was surprisingly strong which makes the events of the film even more of a shock.

I was especially surprised at how likable Dawn was. She would normally be someone who would annoy me, but Jess Weixler manages to never cross the boundary of annoyance. The other characters were fairly unlikable, in a good way, making it much easier to stay on Dawn’s side. I also liked the change in Dawn which never felt unrealistic and managed to tie up its theme nicely, even though I’m not big on themes.


The film’s biggest strength is its very likable main character. It’s also quite funny and had me laughing out loud a lot. I can’t see many people enjoying it, but I definitely had a great time.

Rating: 9/10

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