The ABCs of Death (2012)

Plot Overview

A 26-segment anthology with each segment representing one letter of the alphabet.


A is for Apocalypse Very short and leaves more questions than answers, but it’s not bad. 6/10
B is for Bigfoot A decent watch, though it feels a bit pointless. 5/10
C is for Cycle I like the concept, but it didn’t really do anything new with it. 6/10
D is for Dogfight This was very hard for me to watch, but the ending made up for it. 7/10
E is for Exterminate Nothing really happened. 5/10
F is for Fart WTF. Seriously, what. I don’t. What. It unfortunately has trouble setting the right tone or pacing, but weird as balls. 4/10
G is for Gravity Cool idea, but underwhelming. 6/10
H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion Stupid and annoying. 4/10
I is for Ingrown Didn’t really get the point. 5/10
J is for Jidai-geki I laughed, but was really confused. 6/10
K is for Klutz Weird, but I found it funny. I like poo jokes though. 6/10
L is for Libido Just the right amount of lulz, sex, violence and ‘sick’ without being stupid. 8/10
M is for Miscarriage Not bad, it feels a bit pointless. I think it could’ve done more with the concept. 5/10
N is for Nuptials Slightly amusing, but hardly horror. 5/10
O is for Orgasm Interesting and sensual. Unlike Amer, it doesn’t drag it out so it works well. 6/10
P is for Pressure I didn’t think the build-up was effective enough but the climax made me cower, which is a rare reaction from me. 6/10
Q is for Quack Sort of funny, but doesn’t do enough with it. 6/10
R is for Removed Some cool bits, but too underdeveloped. Ho ho, pun intended. 5/10
S is for Speed Yawn. 5/10
T is for Toilet Creative and fun. Also involves a toilet monster. 7/10
U is for Unearthed Cool seeing it from this POV, but not overly exciting. 5/10
V is for Vagitus I’d like to see this as a feature. 6/10
W is for WTF WTF indeed. Funny and random. 7/10
X is for XXL Very gory, but it has a message and stuff. 7/10
Y is for Youngbuck More style over substance, but I liked it. 6/10
Z is for Zetsumetsu Gets this high a rating for a few funny bits, but stupid overall. 5/10


The segments vary wildly in quality, with most of them being mediocre, but they are all interesting and different enough to keep you watching.

Rating: 6/10

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