The Den (2013)

Plot Overview

Elizabeth has been given a grant to study the users of a webcam based social site. When she witnesses a young girl being murdered, her loved ones begin disappearing and suffering similar fates.


Told entirely through screen captures and webcam videos, it makes use of its low budget by playing up to the subject matter. That’s basically the hook of the film, but unfortunately that’s about as far as it goes. It doesn’t really say anything at all, though has glimpses of potentially good ideas scattered throughout.

I find that films dealing with social networking and the internet in its current state feel very out of date and like the filmmakers don’t actually spend that much time on the internet. Or maybe it’s because I spend a lot of the time on the internet not being social. ‘DenChat’ is an Omegle like site and I think it wants to critique our need to connect or our voyeuristic tendencies towards violence or something, but I’m really not sure because I don’t think it knew either.

The acting was subpar and the characters were bland and unlikable. There was no tension or scares. I didn’t care who died or why any of it was happening. It didn’t make me ponder our obsession with the online world. The ‘handheld’ footage thing became too unbelievable at times (why the hell was she still filming as she was escaping and driving a car?).


With no real depth behind any of its themes, as well as lacking a strong horror presence, it ends up being pointless. It doesn’t work as a social commentary or a scary film. And worse than all that, it’s boring. While there was potential in it (particularly regarding the final scene) and it’s decent for a low budget horror film, it’s a big letdown.

Rating: 4/10

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