The Editor (2014)

Plot Overview

A once-great film editor, Rey Cisco, was involved in an accident leaving him with four wooden fingers on his right hand, forcing him to resort to cutting low budget horror films. The actors in his current project begin getting murdered and he’s the number one suspect.


I’ve liked everything I’ve seen from Astron-6 so far, but nothing has quite completely come together for me. I think they’re great though, so have been looking forward to this for quite a while. This is by far their best.

I’m not a big fan of Giallo, but it’s an hilarious homage/parody of the genre. It was a beautiful looking film, and it looked and felt so 70s. The dubbing and stilted dialogue was an awesome touch. The acting was great – and for this style of acting and humour, it really had to be pitch perfect – it could’ve either have just been bad, or been parodying itself too much.

Luckily, it plays it straight and there are so many laugh-out-loud moments. The comment about them wearing the same clothes and the random sexist stuff made me crack up. None of the jokes fall flat, the gore was great and over the top. However, the film does drag a little at times and starts to over-complicate things near the end (yes, another typical Giallo trait, but it gets a bit confusing).


A fantastic Giallo parody, which also stands on its own two feet. Manborg and Father’s Day were intentionally low-budget looking, but this actually looks like a ‘proper’ film. The visuals are so fecking good, seriously. If you have no knowledge of Giallo, then the intentionally bad dialogue and dubbing may be distracting, but with understanding of the genre, it’s an awesomely fun ride.

Rating: 8/10

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