The Jungle (2013)

Plot Overview

Larry is a big cat conservationist who travels to the Indonesian jungle to find a rare species of leopard. He’s joined by his brother, Ben, and some Indonesian trackers who tell tales of possible werewolves in the jungle. As they travel further into the jungle, they find themselves being stalked by something dangerous.


I was supposed to be attending the premiere of Ryan Nicholson’s ‘Collar’, but it was cancelled and replaced with this film which I didn’t know anything about. It’s a found footage film, its excuse being Ben is a filmmaker documenting the expedition. I’m usually a fan of found footage films, but I hate the ‘In 2011, so and so went on an expedition to the Indonesian jungle. We found this footage’, because it’s such a contrived and cliche way of doing things.

It’s unfortunately pretty boring. The build-up doesn’t really work at building up anything. The characters aren’t interesting and there’s not much tension. There’s a few jump scares, but that’s about it. The actors are decent enough for what it is, but the characters are pretty annoying. The plot is a little uneven and the ‘monster’ doesn’t really feel like a presence in the film and the glimpses we get are pretty silly and don’t do much.


It’s not a horrible film. It’s watchable, but nothing special. I liked Traucki’s previous films (didn’t love them, but they were good), but this is a bit of a drop in quality. It doesn’t bring anything new to the found footage genre and sticks to the typical structure. I was glad that it stayed away from adding music like some films like to, though it still kept a few ‘post-production aspects that shouldn’t be there’.

Rating: 5/10

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