The Plumber (1979)

Plot Overview

Jill is writing her thesis for her Masters in Anthropology, while her husband works as a doctor. One day a plumber arrives for a routine check, and claims there’s a problem in her bathroom. He makes himself at home and over time becomes increasingly intense and frightens Jill, but no-one listens to her.


A surprisingly effective little thriller. The acting is quite good and Ivar Kants does a great job playing the creepy, mysterious plumber. After arriving unannounced one day, he sets to work pulling apart the bathroom and doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. At first, he uses her shower, sings loudly and is just generally creepy. Then one day she doesn’t answer the door, so he climbs through a hole in the roof and goes about his business.

His conversations with Jill are very tension-filled, although the dialogue isn’t particularly strong. I don’t know if it was just dated, just dull or the Australian accents making it hard to take seriously (I’m Australian myself, but we sound terrible in films).


Quite a fun movie, and at times very suspenseful. Some of it was a little weak, and I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the ending, but overall it was a good thriller. I’d hate to see an American remake of this too; the people in this are very average and real looking which helps a lot, but I can imagine an American remake with attractive youths playing up the sexual tension and ruining it.

Rating: 7/10

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