Top 10 Hottest Dudes in Horror

I recently came across a list of the hottest women in horror and being a manic list-maker meant I had to make my own (and also since I’ve not seen any horror films worth talking about lately so I need to post something, even if it is a bit of fluff). Being a manic list-maker of course meant that I already had made a list of every hot guy in every horror movie, but to simplify it and because the list gets pretty weak and depends on my mood later on, I decided to counter their crappy top 10 woman list with my amazing top 10 dude list.

10. Alex DeLarge – A Clockwork Orange (1971)

I don’t really consider A Clockwork Orange to be a horror film, but since it’s generally accepted as horror and Alex is too damn hot not to include, I’ll let it slide. The Singin’ in the Rain and ‘March’ scene are two of my favourite scenes in film history, for many reasons.

9. Eric Northman – True Blood (2010)

I hated Eric at first. I found him utterly repulsive and annoying. And then he got a haircut. And then he was funny. And then I tried to deny that I was finding him attractive and then came along Sookie’s dream and it wasn’t really possible anymore. I’m not exactly sure what changed, but finding him funny was probably the biggest factor.

8. Harry Angel – Angel Heart (1987)

I first watched Angel Heart when I was 13, and the only comment I left about it in my diary was “the dude was hot”. Very astute. Although I don’t find Rourke attractive in anything else, there was something about him in this one. I am possibly biased, but this is by far Rourke’s best performance. And for some reason that crying scene really does it for me.

7. Patrick Bateman – American Psycho (2000)

This is really purely because he’s batshit crazy, goes crazy murdering people and is often covered in blood, and for some reason I like that.

6. Dracula – Dracula (1979)

I happened to read this bit of trivia before watching “Actor Frank Langella has often commented that men have frequently said to him after seeing him as Dracula on stage or screen: “Boy, did my wife make love to me that night when she saw “Dracula”.” I responded with ‘pfft, women’. But then like holy crap Frank Langella. He looks weird in pictures, but on screen he’s so dominating and intense, you don’t really notice anything else (and his voice *faints*).

5. Jack Torrance – The Shining (1980)

See above. I like crazy. That whole “Wendy, darling, light of my life” speech *melts*

4. Ash Williams – The Evil Dead (1981) etc

I think he’s the only non-psycho on the list, but he’s just too funny and adorable to not be on here. Plus he’s covered in blood a hell of a lot of the time and I just love dudes covered in blood.

3. Mr. Dark – Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

I had thought Pryce was cute previously – in Brazil because I like that kind of nervous, awkward type – but I didn’t realise he was this damn hot. The get-up, the hair, the facial hair, the accent, the intensity. Holy shee-it.

2. Otis Driftwood – House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

The first time I watched House of 1000 Corpses, I was interested in Jerry. Then I rewatched it the next day and fell madly in love with Otis. I was 13 at the time, so went through my usual ‘totally obsessed’ thing of watching the film almost daily; in particular, the ‘I Remember You’ scene. I think it was partly because he was crazy and murdered people, but also because he was funny.

1. Norman Bates – Psycho (1960)

I fell in love with Norman immediately. The shyness and awkwardness was too goddamn adorable. And the fecking stuttering scene, my god. I used to rewatch that scene every day before school. And the awkward smiles and jokes. So adorable.

So, there you go. An utterly pointless list, but at least there are pretty pictures. Hopefully in the near future, I’ll watch some horror films worth talking about. Or you’ll be getting more fluff.

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