Top 15 Horror Shorts

After the ton of horror I watched last month, I’m taking a break from it for now. In the mean time, a list of short films! I don’t watch a whole lot of shorts, and there’s only a handful I’d call great. So here are my 15 favourite short horror films.

15. Papá Wrestling (2009)

A funny and very gory short about a father who goes on a violent rampage against the bullies that stole his son’s lunch box.

14. Danger! 50,000 Zombies! (2004)

A spoof documentary from Pegg and Frost about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. It is on 3 parts on Youtube, and I’ve just included Part 1 here.

13. Crush the Skull (2010)

A couple break down on a road in the middle of nowhere. A stranger turns up to help them and they suspect he’s a serial killer.

12. Bobby Yeah (2011)

Weird as balls, but lots of fun.

11. Sandik (2007)

Can’t say much about this without giving anything away. The best thing I’ve seen out of Turkey which isn’t really saying much, but it’s pretty cool.

10. Elevated (1997)

Great little short from Vincenzo Natali where a guy (David Hewlett) runs into an elevator covered in blood claiming there is a monster outside.

9. Staplerfahrer Klaus – Der erste Arbeitstag (2000)

A (gory and funny) educational film about forklift safety.

8. The Chicken from Outer Space (1996)

I used to love Courage the Cowardly Dog and though I don’t really consider this ‘horror’, it’s weird and awesome.

7. The Fifth (2007)

A group of friends are looking for a fifth player to play poker with.

6. Meat (2012)

I love Drew Daywalt and was going to restrict this list to just one of his films, but I had to include this too because it’s ridiculously funny and has AJ Bowen. Two friends hit a creature with their truck.

5. Cutting Moments (1997)

A gory short about a marriage that’s lost its spark and a wife driven to drastic measures to get noticed.

4. The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon (2008)

A trailer for the greatest film never made. It has to be seen again and again and again.

3. Bedfellows (2008)

The last time I was truly scared by a film was when I was 12, in 2003. Until I saw this. Chills and pants-pooping abound. I don’t like the ending, but it’s worth it for the rest of it. Another creepy Daywalt worth checking out is ‘There’s No Such Thing‘.

2. Treevenge (2008)

Christmas trees get revenge.

1. BlinkyTM (2011)

A boy ignored by his parents gets a robot friend. I’ve recommended this to a lot of people and it’s sadly gotten a lukewarm response. I find it very engaging, emotional and effective.

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