You’re Next (2011)

Plot Overview

Crispian brings his new girlfriend, Erin, to a family reunion in honour of their parent’s wedding anniversary. The night doesn’t go as planned, however, when a gang of masked assailants start attacking the family and taking them down one by one – but they aren’t prepared for the guests to start fighting back.


One of my most anticipated films for FrightFest and it didn’t disappoint. The cast was great and played off each other well, I particularly liked Joe Swanberg’s performance although I’m not a huge fan of his directorial work. I didn’t go crazy over Erin’s character, although I think Sharni Vinson did a good job of making her believable. I just dislike how there’s always that one character who has a background which just perfectly suits this completely random situation. It wasn’t a huge deal though. The script was great too, all the ‘comedy’ parts hit the mark perfectly.

There were a lot of cool deaths and gore and it was well paced. I did hear complaints about the build-up being too ‘slow’, but I actually liked it; mostly because the cast did a good job at making them feel like an actual family. The twists were predictable, but they didn’t seem to be there to shock us, but to shock the characters, so it was more about how they were revealed rather than what they revealed. Another thing I liked was that they made the attackers ‘human’. Most of these home invasion films have these superhuman attackers and it just gets boring after a while. It’s much more fun seeing them actually get hurt and being real people.


One of the best slashers in a long time, containing all the things a good slasher film needs and just being a whole lot of fun. Also, one of the best films for the entire FrightFest 2013.

Rating: 8/10

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